Soliloquy Crop Addon

The Crop Addon allows you to create custom image sizes on the fly for your sliders without any code! Simply choose the “cropped” option from the slider size dropdown, define your slider width and height and the Crop Addon will generate new images at exactly the size you specify.

With this Addon, you can upload images of any shape and size into your slider and still maintain a beautiful slide presentation. The Crop Addon will makes all of your images the same size for you on the fly, and it will even cache them for you too so that your images can be served even faster to your visitors.

You’ll absolutely love this Addon! Here are some of the features:

  • Dynamic image resizing on the fly
  • Specify how the crop alignment (center, top, bottom left, etc.)
  • Highest quality thumbnails generated from the original to preserve image integrity
  • NO CODE REQUIRED – just choose the “cropped” option, set your dimensions and presto!
  • Images are cached to ensure slider performance

Video Walkthrough

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