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Soliloquy Just Got Faster, Much Faster!

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As if Soliloquy wasn’t already fast enough, I’ve just made another update to improve the rendering time of Soliloquy, and this time, it is going to be very noticeable.

As you already know, Soliloquy is the fastest WordPress slider on the market. With that being said, Soliloquy could sometimes be blocked from showing just how fast it is by things like ad scripts. Because Soliloquy was being initialized on window.load, annoying ad scripts could really slow down Soliloquy actually showing on the screen.

The reason I chose window.load initially was to get around animations not calculating the correct height of the slider and thus hiding the first slide. However, when I introduce dynamic asynchronous ajax preloading, a.k.a. ballin’ fast load times, I actually fixed that problem without knowing it. A week or so ago I had a customer complain that Soliloquy was taking 20 seconds to load. The actual issue, however, was that the ad scripts were blocking Soliloquy from showing the images (which loaded in about 200ms) on the site. That was due to me using window.load to initialize the slider.

I’ve now been able to moved the slider initialization to document.ready and the difference is immediate and noticeable. So now Soliloquy both loads images into the DOM incredibly fast and shows them incredibly fast too. This is a huge win for everyone involved, and I’m glad that I stumbled upon the solution while fixing something else.

So I encourage you to upgrade to the latest version – you will notice the difference immediately, especially if you have ad scripts on your page.

You can expect a lot more cool updates here in the next few weeks, too. 🙂

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