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Enable Infinite Scroll Support / AJAX Compatibility

Requires: Soliloquy or higher

If you’re using an Infinite Scroll plugin to load additional Posts (and those Posts contain Soliloquy sliders), you’ll need to add a Javascript call to¬†initialise any new sliders that may have appeared on the page.

Infinite Scroll Plugin

To enable support for the Infinite Scroll Plugin (

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Admin > Settings > Infinite Scroll screen
  2. In the Callback field, add soliloquyInitManually();

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 13.54.55


If you’re loading content via AJAX, which contains Soliloquy slider(s), simply call soliloquyInitManually(); in your Javascript function/routine once you’ve loaded the content into the DOM.


  • Make sure your installation meets the requirements above.
  • Check your browser’s console for any Javascript errors, and send these through in your support ticket.