Create your next responsive WordPress slider in 60 seconds.

  • Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

    60 Seconds Flat

    Soliloquy is so easy to use that you can make your next responsive WordPress slider in 60 seconds or less. Just click on this slide to see for yourself!
  • Best WordPress Image Slider

    Responsive? You Bet!

    Soliloquy is completely responsive, meaning that it scales to any viewing environment. Each WordPress slider will look good on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • SEO friendly WordPress slider plugin

    SEO Friendly

    Soliloquy is the most SEO friendly slider on the market. If you are serious about SEO, then look no further than Soliloquy. Make use of image alt tags, titles and more to boost your SEO.
  • Secure WordPress Slider Plugin

    Peace of Mind

    You can rest easy knowing that each WordPress slider you make is secure. Soliloquy is audited by Mark Jaquith, lead developer of WordPress, for security.
  • Soliloquy - Sliders for Wordpress

    Easy Video Integration

    Embedding videos into your sliders is now easy. Just paste a YouTube or Vimeo link into a field and Soliloquy does the rest for you, including making the video responsive.

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Or.. watch this responsive WordPress slider be created in 60 seconds!

Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Creating a beautiful and responsive WordPress slider with Soliloquy is incredibly easy.

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It's not enough just to say that Soliloquy is the best responsive WordPress slider plugin. Hear from other Soliloquy customers who love it too!

The Soliloquy slider is easy to use and has fast and reliable support if you run into any issues. If you are looking for a responsive WordPress slider plugin, it's a great choice.

University of Georgia Staff,

Soliloquy is just as easy to use as you'd hope, and its underlying code is solid. It follows WordPress coding conventions, is securely coded, and blends into the WordPress UI perfectly. I'll definitely be recommending Soliloquy to anyone who needs a WordPress slider plugin!

Mark Jaquith, Lead Developer for WordPress

There are a million WordPress slider plugins out in the wild - unfortunately they all fall short. Soliloquy sets the bar for WordPress slider plugins - and it sets the bar high. Not only does Soliloquy have all the features you would expect but it's done right. It offers a plethora of fantastic features while adhering to the WordPress coding standards, and as a developer this is very important. If you are looking for a slider plugin, Soliloquy is the only option - this comes from someone who has tried them all. I highly recommend it to everyone - users and developers alike.

Jared Atchison,

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