Soliloquy is a responsive WordPress slider plugin that makes building sliders in WordPress a task that you will want to experience over and over again.

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A new WordPress slider workflow.

Say goodbye to the endless options, confusing interfaces and bloated messes of other WordPress slider plugins. Soliloquy is different by design because it is focused on efficiency, usability and reliability. It is crafted in a way that molds simplicity and functionality into a powerful yet usable slider engine. Simply put - Soliloquy makes you stand out with half the effort.

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Unrivaled performance and security.

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Soliloquy has no equal when it comes to performance and security. By being the fastest WordPress slider plugin on the market using a hybrid technique called dynamic asynchronous ajax preloading, Soliloquy gives you a true competitive edge over your competition. And as for data security, Soliloquy has been audited by Mark Jaquith, lead developer of WordPress, to give you total peace of mind.

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All the screens all the time.

Enjoy a seamless slider experience across all of your devices. Soliloquy is responsive at its core and gives you the best viewing experience from any screen size.

And with the native integrations of YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia, you can even enjoy watching videos from your responsive WordPress slider, too.

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All the power in your hands.

responsive wordpress slider plugin

Soliloquy puts the reigns back in your hands by giving you endless flexibility, scalability and performance. With a no-frills approach to the WordPress slider creation process, Soliloquy maximizes your outputs while minimizing your inputs. You can even build your next top quality, responsive WordPress slider in 60 seconds or less.

Soliloquy lets you do so much more with so much less.

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Extend, modify and adapt with ease.

Don't get locked into a system that doesn't change and grow with you. Soliloquy is built on a solid foundation that is able to adjust wherever and whenever you need it. With over 100+ configurable hooks and filters inside of the plugin, Soliloquy can be turned into any type of WordPress slider you can dream of.


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best responsive wordpress slider plugin

We have used many WordPress slider plugins in the past building client sites and now only use Soliloquy. It is designer/developer friendly to customize and easy for our clients to use once it is in their hands. We don't even consider using anything else.

Brian Bourn,

Slider Features

Responsive out of the box Viewing your WordPress slider on a mobile device? No worries - Soliloquy looks great on any viewing device. From the traditional desktop computer to the latest and greatest Apple device, your sliders will always appear and function in flawless fashion.
Got mobile? Check. Soliloquy is incredibly smart at detecting environments. You can create mobile specific slider assets so that you can keep you page load times at a minimum, no matter what device your user is coming from.
Transport sliders anywhere and everywhere Nobody wants to waste time re-creating sliders once they have moved sites. With Soliloquy, you can easily export and import your WordPress sliders from wherever you would like.
Workflows that truly excite Your last WordPress slider plugin hard to use? Soliloquy will be a drink of cold refreshing water. Soliloquy is incredibly easy to use without sacrificing power or performance. You get the best of every world with Soliloquy.
WordPress, the native way With Soliloquy, you get to enjoy a beautiful interface that blends right into the native WordPress interface. Enjoy one seamless experience when creating your WordPress sliders with Soliloquy.
Independent sliders Build sliders right from within the Soliloquy post type and insert them anywhere with our easy-to-use media insertion tools.
Rock solid code foundation Soliloquy has been coded to WordPress standards and is one of the most well built WordPress plugins on the market. It has been tested, proven and refined by some of the greatest WordPress developers.
Unlimited sliders - for real! Don't be limited by the number of sliders you can create. With Soliloquy, you can build as many sliders as your heart desires, and you can place as many of those sliders on the same page if you wish!
WordPress MultiSite compatible Soliloquy has been tested fully on WordPress MultiSite and functions beautifully across all sites on your network, whether network activated or activated on individual sites.
Simple ajax slider management All Soliloquy slider actions are processed via performant ajax calls so that you can have a smooth experience throughout all of the Soliloquy UI.
Dynamic asynchronous image preloading Your sliders will load lightening fast with the unique dynamic asynchronous ajax preloading done to load your slider images into the DOM. In short, Soliloquy is ridiculously fast.
SEO friendly Soliloquy is the most SEO friendly WordPress slider plugin on the market by far. By giving you complete control over your images and their alt tags, you can easily jump in your rankings by using Soliloquy.
Bountiful WordPress hooks and filters With Soliloquy, you get access to over 100+ native hooks and filters so that you can transform your WordPress sliders into anything that you want!
World class support and updates You get access to some of the best support for a WordPress plugin in the industry along with timely and relevant updates to Soliloquy and its Addons.
Extensive documentation resources Soliloquy has over 50 pieces of extensive and thorough documentation to make sure that you have the easiest and best experience building your WordPress sliders.

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Customer Testimonials

Soliloquy is just as easy to use as you'd hope, and its underlying code is solid. It follows WordPress coding conventions, is securely coded, and blends into the WordPress UI perfectly. I'll definitely be recommending Soliloquy to anyone who needs a WordPress slider plugin!

Mark Jaquith

We use Soliloquy on all of our custom web design projects, as well as all of our premium stock themes. Soliloquy and its excellent coding makes it easy for our team to work with, and the advanced functional options makes it a true value add for our clients and theme buyers. From simple blogs to advanced websites for big ten universities, we rely on Soliloquy. We don't just recommend the slider, we depend on it.

Rebecca Gill

I have searched high and low for a responsive WordPress slider that would be easy for my clients to use, allow for multiple instances, and that would not be tied to Posts and Pages. I have finally found it! Soliloquy is all that and more. Now I won't have the headache of trying to force other sliders to do what I need. It's smooth sailing from here!

Susan Nelson

Soliloquy = simple to use, extremely powerful, and uncompromising with SEO & coding standards. Love it!

Aaron Hartland

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Slider Addons

Soliloquy doesn't just boast that it's the best responsive WordPress slider plugin without reason or cause. With 10+ powerful and useful addons, Soliloquy can be extended to do just about anything you can imagine.

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