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How to Choose a Soliloquy Plan

So you’ve made the choice to switch to Soliloquy, or are thinking about trying it, but aren’t sure which plan to choose. No problem! With so many features and big differences between plans, it can be difficult to make that decision. If you’re not quite sure which Soliloquy plan to pick, this article will clearly […]

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Fundamentals of a Landing Page

Landing pages are by far one of the most important aspects of your website. A bad landing page means a high bounce rate, and leaving a bad impression can cause users to never return once they leave. If you’re not sure how to design a winning landing page that will keep customers coming back, this […]

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Useful Soliloquy Customization Options

Many WordPress sliders are simple and difficult to customize. Many of them come bundled in a theme, and you may be able to add slides or change the speed, but there’s no way to customize them further without essentially coding your own carousel plugin. In addition, some of these sliders are not responsive or the […]

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14 Examples of Responsive WordPress Plugins

In the emerging mobile-first era, responsiveness is more important than ever. But while most people make sure to use responsive themes and web design, not everyone realizes that it’s just as important to use responsive plugins. A mobile-unfriendly plugin can completely undo a perfectly responsive theme. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing […]

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9 Creative Ways to Use Text-Only Carousels

Sliders make a great addition to any website. Most commonly you’ll see them used with illustrations or photos, but you can actually make text sliders! These nifty little carousels have a variety of uses, from displaying customer testimonials to telling a short story. If you need some fresh ideas for text-based sliders, you’ve come to […]

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How to Use Sliders for eCommerce

Adding a carousel to your blog is a great way to improve its beauty and professionalism — but did you know that they can be used for eCommerce as well? While you’ll most often see sliders on the homepage, introducing a company or promoting an event, they certainly have their uses for online stores, too. […]

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