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Beginners Guide to Add Custom Image Sizes in WordPress

Do you want to use your own custom sizes for WordPress images? You may need to upload and edit images in WordPress to the size you require for thumbnails and featured photos. In this tutorial, we will share how to add custom image sizes in WordPress. By default, WordPress has its default image sizes, so […]

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10 WordPress SEO Plugins

Are you looking for WordPress plugins that can help increase your SEO? SEO should always be a top priority for webmasters; it stands for “search engine optimization” and the higher your SEO score, the better your site ranks in search results. There are quite a few ways to optimize your SEO. Use proper keywords and […]

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WordPress Slider Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Is your WordPress slider not working as it should? If your image slider isn’t displaying right, it can make your website look unprofessional. In this guide, we will share why your WordPress slider may not be working, and how you can fix it. Let’s take a look into these problems and solve them: 1. Slider […]

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8 Tiny Sliders

Are you looking for some inspiration for smaller, less attention-catching sliders? Your sliders don’t need to be the centerpiece of a design. Sometimes the smallest sliders can get the most done — whether it’s for social media links, testimonials, or products, a small slider can still get just as much done while saving you a […]

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Why Does Your Site Need a Slider?

Why add a Soliloquy slider to your website? Does your site even need a slider? A slider makes a stylish addition to any website, whether you want to make it the centerpiece or just stick a small testimonial carousel somewhere on your landing page. Sliders are quite versatile and can be used in almost any […]

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