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How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress

Do you want to add a sitemap to your WordPress site? A sitemap is simply a list of the pages and files on your website, created for search engine crawlers or even as navigation. It might seem like a simple thing, but sitemaps can seriously improve your SEO by ensuring that search engines like Google […]

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How to Make an Automatic Slideshow With Soliloquy

Do you want to create an auto-scrolling slider with Soliloquy? If you’ve seen one of those beautiful rotating slideshows on a website, you’ve probably wanted one of your own. An automatic slideshow differs from a typical slider in that there are no controls — you just let the slider rotate on its own. Soliloquy allows […]

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How to Publish a Soliloquy Slider

Do you want to learn how to publish a Soliloquy slider to your website? So you’ve made your slider, tweaked the settings, and put on the final touches… Now how to get it onto your site? When you’re ready to publish your slider, you have a few options. Let’s go over a few methods. Method […]

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WordPress Page Builders: How to Choose the Right One?

Do you want to create a WordPress site using a page builder? WordPress already makes breaking into website creation easy, but with a page builder plugin, you can make a site without any design knowledge at all! Just drag and drop to build the layout, and you’re good to go. Easily design a WordPress site […]

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Should Your Slider Autoplay?

How should you set up your slider navigation? Should you allow slides to autoplay and scroll on their own, or leave it up to manual control? It may seem like a small question, but it’s still an important decision to make while designing your sliders. Autoplay sliders can add animation to a website. Autoplay draws […]

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13 Eye-Catching Animated Sliders

Need inspiration from sliders with fancy animations? These sliders use animations to do their job well: attracting your attention to the content within the carousel. Animations are fun and add liveliness to a website They pull attention toward the slider Animations encourage people to play with, look at, and interact with the slider Animations can […]

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