Carousel Slider Demo

Create a Carousel slider in WordPress with Soliloquy Slider plugin.

Soliloquy allows you to create a responsive carousel slider in WordPress.

You can easily drag and drop the images to control where they appear.

The Carousel slider addon is completely responsive (mobile-friendly). You can set item widths, margins, and select the number of items to move per animation with just point-and-click.

You can also add captions, link images and even use videos in your carousel slider.

See the carousel slider demo below:

Although you don’t need to know any code to create a carousel slider, we do have an option for advanced users to customize the carousel slider CSS to add custom styles.

Carousel Slider Configurations

Metro theme, Slider Dimensions 750x300px, Horizontal scroll, Transition DurationĀ 7000ms, Transition SpeedĀ 600ms, Centered.

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