Soliloquy is packed with many incredible features that make it absolutely invaluable to your collection of WordPress plugins. But before I get to all of the nitty gritty features, you should watch the video below to see for yourself just how easy it is to get started using Soliloquy.

See how easy it is to get going with Soliloquy? To recap the video highlights:

  • We created a new slider (and with Soliloquy, you can create as many as you want!)
  • We inserted images from our media library, modified the size and saved the slider
  • We inserted the slider into our post with the nifty "Add Slider" button above the editor
  • We pulled up the post and saw the slider working in all its beauty!

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Ease of Use

This is by far the best feature about Soliloquy - it is incredibly easy to use. The interface is highly intuitive and image editing/management is as simple as it gets. One of my biggest concerns when building the plugin was "If I handed this off to a client, could they use it themselves?" The answer has been proven over and over to be a resounding "YES!".

Cuts Your Development Time in Half

Soliloquy easily cuts your slider development time in half. No longer do you need to scour the internet for tutorials on how to get your slider running. Just use Soliloquy and you will be creating powerful, beautiful, easy to use and responsive WordPress sliders in no time flat. And with the power of Addons, you can make advanced sliders even faster than ever before!

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Still Not Convinced?

If you are still not convinced that Soliloquy is the perfect choice for your WordPress slider needs, check out this bountiful list of features that makes Soliloquy second to none for WordPress slider plugins.

  • Uses a custom post type to handle the sliders
  • All strings (both Soliloquy and Addons) are completely translation ready
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of sliders
  • Uses WordPress media uploader for uploading images
  • Ajax uploading, drag-and-drop sorting and saving of image order
  • Custom metadata (title, alt, caption, link title, etc.) for each image
  • Most SEO friendly metadata and markup for a WordPress slider
  • Shortcode and template tags for slider display
  • Media buttons for easy slider insertion into the post editor
  • Easy to use widget for inserting a slider into the sidebar
  • Set custom slider sizes or use sizes registered with WordPress
  • Embedded video and API support for YouTube and Vimeo
  • Caption can accept any HTML (forms, email signups, iframe videos, etc.)
  • Easy internal searching and linking to link your slider images
  • Over 20+ slider options to configure your slider
  • Completely responsive to mobile environments
  • Touch swipe support for touch-enabled devices
  • Over 50+ hooks and filters to customize the slider output
  • Ability to be completely white-labeled for client use (via hooks and filters)
  • Custom Addons to extend the functionality (must own a developer license)
  • Soliloquy is fully compatible with WordPress MultiSite
  • Automatic plugin updates (including Addons)