Featured Content Slider Demo

Do you want to create a slider to showcase your latest noteworthy content in WordPress?

Soliloquy’s Featured Content Slider allows you to highlight your featured blog posts.

You have the option to:

  • Select from just one or multiple post types at once.
  • Select from just one or multiple categories at once.
  • Specify specific posts to include / exclude in your slider.
  • Order the slides by date, menu order or any other custom order option.
  • You choose how you want to display the content – just an image, an image and an excerpt, a linked image with a title and excerpt – the sky is the limit!

Here’s an example featured content slider:

Slider Configuration

Post type (posts & custom post type), Base theme, Slider Dimensions 1000x465px, Caption position bottom. Circle navigation disabled. Showing 15 words with the Read More link enabled.

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