HTML Slider Demo

Do you want to quickly create HTML slides in WordPress?  Soliloquy’s slider lets you create HTML files to use as slides.

With a little bit of HTML knowledge, you have unlimited slider control and options available for your slides.

Here are a few HTML sliders we’ve created, but you certainly aren’t limited to just what you see in these examples.

Quotes Slider

With a bit of styling, you can use the HTML slider to display quotes, including testimonials, on your site.

Quotes Slider Configuration
Slider Theme Karisma, Dimensions 960x100px, Transition Fade, Transition Duration 5000ms, Transition Speed 400ms.

HTML Mixed Content Slider

You can mix together a variety of slide types into a single presentation such as photos, videos, and HTML documents. In this slider we’ve combined multiple HTML slides with an Image and Video slide.

HTML Content Slider Configuration
Slide 1: HTML, Slide 2: Image, Slide 3: YouTube hosted video. Base theme, 540x300px, Transition Duration 5000ms, Transition Speed 400ms.

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