Slider with Thumbnails Demo

Want to create slider with thumbnails in WordPress?

Soliloquy’s Thumbnail Slider feature allows you to generate thumbnail images as navigation for your slider.

The thumbnails are responsive (just like the slider) and have a number of configuration options to tailor them to your needs. You can determine where to position the thumbnails (above or below) in relation to your slider, the width of your thumbnails, the minimum/maximum number of thumbnails that should be displayed and more.

Your users can interact with your sliders on a Thumbnail level. The Thumbnails Addon generates a copy of your slider and creates thumbnails from it for your visitors to navigate through.

The best part of Soliloquy’s thumbnail feature is that it also lets you create carousel with thumbnails as well as thumbnail slideshows in WordPress.

You don’t need to now jQuery, HTML, or CSS to create a WordPress slider with Soliloquy. We took the pain out of creating WordPress sliders and made it easy. Simple drag & drop interface!

Thumbnail Position – Bottom

  • action-adult-backlit-433083
  • action-backlit-beach-1046896
  • adult-backlit-child-356188
  • adults-backlit-beach-950047
  • artistic-backlit-creative-532285
  • backlit-beach-clouds-1005198
  • backlit-blur-couple-556667
  • backlit-couple-love-912473
  • beach-clouds-dancing-898220
  • camera-mountains-person-6745

Slider Configuration

Base theme, Slider Dimensions 1200×600 with cropping enabled, Fade, Transition Duration 7000ms, Transition Speed 600ms, circle navigation disabled. Lightbox enabled with Lightbox Theme Base and Lightbox Thumbnails enabled. Thumbnails enabled with showing 3 thumbnails at one time and looping enabled. Thumbnail image size 75×50 (cropped) with 5px margin, Thumbnails Position to show at the bottom with looping enabled.

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