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6 Ways to Use Non-Image Sliders

Did you know that sliders aren’t always just made of plain images? They’re not only useful for photographers and online stores. From videos to text to WordPress posts, a slider can have anything in it — it all depends on the plugin you use! Getting Started Soliloquy has many addons that will allow you to […]

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Using Sliders to Create an Educational WordPress Site

Are you trying to create an educational site, one that either promotes your academic project or actually functions in teaching visitors something? There are many ways to go about this, but one asset that may help you is a slider. Sliders can display a slideshow of images or text. This may seem simple, but educators […]

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Guide to Better Slider Placement

It might seem like a silly detail to focus on, but putting your slider in the proper place is more important than you might think. If you’re a photographer, perhaps you want a hand-picked slideshow of your work to be the first thing someone sees — but maybe your Instagram feed is better suited elsewhere? […]

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How to Automatically Crop Images in a WordPress Slider

Do you want to create an image slider for your photos? Sometimes you may have photos of all sizes. Adding them in a WordPress slider can be tricky as they appear in their original sizes and disturb the page height. In this tutorial, we will share how to automatically crop images in a WordPress slider. […]

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