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How to Add Blurbs with Icons in WordPress

Do you want to add blurbs with icons to your WordPress website? A blurb is a small bit of text that can be used in a feature or product list or to direct users to parts of your site. They’re often placed in rows or columns. Adding icons to these blurbs can help draw the eye […]

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How to Use Sliders for eCommerce

Adding a carousel to your blog is a great way to improve its beauty and professionalism — but did you know that they can be used for eCommerce as well? While you’ll most often see sliders on the homepage, introducing a company or promoting an event, they certainly have their uses for online stores, too. […]

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Slider Best Practices: What You Need to Know

So you want to put a slider or carousel on your website? Before you do that, there are many factors to take into account. A misplaced, poorly configured slider doesn’t just go ignored; it can actually damage SEO and annoy visitors. That certainly doesn’t mean they’re bad, just that, like with any other WordPress feature […]

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6 Ways to Use Non-Image Sliders

Did you know that sliders aren’t always just made of plain images? They’re not only useful for photographers and online stores. From videos to text to WordPress posts, a slider can have anything in it — it all depends on the plugin you use! Getting Started Soliloquy has many addons that will allow you to […]

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How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress

Do you want to track your WordPress visitors with Google Analytics? Analytics are a big deal. Whether you’ve just launched your first website or your company has been popular for years, it’s extremely important to gather data from your visitors and customers. Once you know who your main user base is, where they’re coming from, […]

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