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Introducing the Soliloquy Showcase

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Some time ago I had a very small “Examples” page of sites that used Soliloquy. That has now been expanded into the fully-featured Soliloquy Showcase.

The Soliloquy Showcase is a way where both myself and other developers can display their integrations of Soliloquy into custom projects. It is meant as a way to better help people understand just how Soliloquy can be used and show them examples of the customizations and integrations possible with Soliloquy. I can say that is it endlessly customizable all I want, but it doesn’t help if there are no examples to back it up.

Now we have plenty!

If you have used Soliloquy before and want to have an example listed on the site, head over to this page and submit your showcase example. I will review over the example, and if I believe it is suitable for the site, I’ll make a screenshot and add it to the Showcase promptly. The more information you give, the more like it is to be published – and I even give you some link juice for SEO, too.

So take a tour, enjoy the sites currently listed, add your own and watch the showcase of the best responsive WordPress slider plugin grow!

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