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The Thumbnails Addon is Live + 20% Off Memorial Day Sale!

Finally – after many long months, the Thumbnails Addon is here! For the memorial day sale, use the discount code THUMBS2013 to 20% off your purchase, including upgrades and support token purchases! It has been a long time coming, but the Thumbnails Addon is finally here. You can now create beautiful and responsive thumbnail navigation […]

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Soliloquy 1.5.0 is Finally Here!

After many months (3+) of work, the biggest (and most awesome) version release of Soliloquy is here, and you can get 20% off by using the code 150 at the checkout! I’ve been working hard to get Soliloquy 1.5.0 released, and today is finally the day that it hits the shelves for download. It is […]

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Introducing Soliloquy Support Tokens

Soliloquy support tokens are used to submit support tickets for any inquiry you may have regarding Soliloquy. Existing customers will be grandfathered in, so don’t fret if you are already a license holder. The way support is handled for Soliloquy has been updated to use what are called support tokens. Support tokens grant you the […]

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One Year Anniversary – History and Sale!

Today marks the official one year anniversary of the launch of Soliloquy! To celebrate, I’m throwing a 2-day sale of 30% off everything!¬†You can get 30% off your entire order by using the code ONEYEAR at the checkout. I’ve never thrown a sale this big, so scoop it up while it lasts! It has been […]

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The Dynamic Addon is Here + Easter Sale!

Finally – the Dynamic Addon is here! You can get 20% off using the code DYNAMIC at the checkout. The Dynamic Addon allows you to create Soliloquy-based sliders on the fly using a shortcode or template tag. You can create sliders from images attached to a post, a custom image set, a WordPress gallery or […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Sale – 20% Off Everything!

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with a sale on Soliloquy! Just enter in the coupon code PATTY2013 to get 20% off your entire order – upgrades included! The sale ends on Monday at midnight – so be sure to get it while it is hot! Have fun, be green and save a little […]

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