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Embedded Video Support, Featured Content and More!

I’ve been hard at work developing some of the new features for Soliloquy, and I think you will be pleased with some of the results. Embedded Video Support One of the more frequently mentioned requests is that Soliloquy have embedded video support. Your requests have not fallen on deaf ears – embedded video support for […]

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New Addon: Filters

Check it out – I’ve been hard at work on a new addon, and it is now ready to be used and abused by my fellow Soliloquy lovers. The Filters addon is here. What is the Filters addon, you say? The Filters addon gives you the ability to choose from over 25 different image filters […]

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Soliloquy 1.2.0 Released + New Addons Page

I’ve just released Soliloquy 1.2.0 which includes a couple of enhancements, some small bug fixes and a cool new feature for developer license holders. The New Addons Page This is the most exciting feature for this release – the Addons page. Available to those with developer licenses, the Addons page allows you to download, install […]

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New Addon, Soliloquy Updates and Updated Member’s Area

Today marks another step forward in the power and flexibility of Soliloquy. I’ve just released a new addon: Preview. The Soliloquy Preview Addon allows you to Preview your slider right from within the slider edit screen. It allows you to adjust settings and test changes to your slider without actually having to save them. Using […]

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Want a Live Demo? You Got It.

One of the factors behind the success of software is the ability for the user to test out what they are buying – before they buy it. I’m not insinuating in any way that Soliloquy is or will become a huge success (although I hope it does!), but these companies that provide that type of […]

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