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Soliloquy 1.2.0 Released + New Addons Page

by Thomas Griffin on May 23, 2012

I’ve just released Soliloquy 1.2.0 which includes a couple of enhancements, some small bug fixes and a cool new feature for developer license holders.

The New Addons Page

This is the most exciting feature for this release – the Addons page. Available to those with developer licenses, the Addons page allows you to download, install and activate Addons directly from your Soliloquy admin screens – all via Ajax. I’ve created a short video demonstrating how it works – you should check it out below!

Enhancements and Other Fixes

I’ve also added a few enhancements to Soliloquy that should be very helpful for users and developers alike. I’ve added two new constants to Soliloquy – SOLILOQUY_LICENSE_KEY and SOLILOQUY_ADDONS_PAGE.

The SOLILOQUY_LICENSE_KEY constant allows you to pre-define your license key without needing to enter it each time you install the plugin. If the constant is defined, Soliloquy will take the key from it and automatically validate and store it for the site.

Since I know that not all people want the Addons page available to their users (even though it is a great feature!), the boolean SOLILOQUY_ADDONS_PAGE constant allows you to define whether or not you want the addons page to appear. Beyond this, you can also filter out the Addons page completely using the new tgmsp_addons_page filter. Note: the filter always supersedes the constant.

There are also two new static methods available to developers who may want to enhance, change or even create their own Addon for Soliloquy – Tgmsp::is_soliloquy_screen() and Tgmsp::is_soliloquy_add_edit_screen(). These two methods allow you to target specific areas of Soliloquy, the first targeting any Soliloquy screen and the second targeting only the Add/Edit Soliloquy screens.

Finally, I’ve fixed all the kinks in the Updater for MultiSite. The updater now works 100% on MultiSite both for network activated or individually activated instances of Soliloquy. With these fixes, the updater is finally polished well enough to release it to the public. Yes, this means I am going to place the updater on Github for you to use in your own plugins. I like to give back to the community, and I believe this is the most solid solution for private plugins updates on the market. It has been tested on hundreds of instances without the hint of an issue apart from a couple MS bugs which have now been fixed. I’ll be putting this together for you soon. 🙂

What’s Next?

Glad you asked!

The Preview Addon will be out of beta in a couple of days and ready for production. I’ve worked out the final kinks and provided a way for other Addons to hook into it and utilize it to display previews.

There are three new addons that have been developed and are under testing:

  1. Themes Addon – this Addon gives you the ability to choose from 5 new themes for your slider. And yes, they are responsive as well.
  2. Thumbnails Addon – I’m most excited about this one. It offers thumbnail navigation for your slider. 🙂
  3. Carousel Addon – Want to use a carousel slider instead of a normal slider? With the Carousel addon, you can choose which one you want!

Exciting things are coming, but I want to know what you would like to see. Any ideas or suggestions? 🙂

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