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Best Responsive WordPress Slider — Introducing Soliloquy Version 2

Introducing to you the best responsive WordPress slider plugin reimagined: Soliloquy 2.0. The Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin Reimagined Soliloquy has been redesigned with these goals in mind: to continue to be the best of the best in responsive WordPress slider plugins, to be incredibly fast and scalable no matter what the circumstances and to […]

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Soliloquy v2 Upgrade Guide

As promised, I have written out an upgrade guide for you so that upgrading to Soliloquy v2 is easy. You should follow each step in this guide when upgrading to ensure that is goes smoothly. Step #1: BACKUP YOUR SITE I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to backup your website before upgrading. Although I […]

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The Time Has Come for Soliloquy v2!

It feels like it has been forever trying to get v2 out the door, but the day is finally here! Soliloquy v2 is ready to be launched out into the world. The next major iteration of Soliloquy is a vast improvement over the first. It is insanely fast (even faster than before) and is built […]

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Soliloquy v2 is Underway – Here’s What to Expect

Check it out – development on Soliloquy v2 is underway (along with another super awesome product). The low-down is below. I started building Soliloquy back in October 2011 as a solution to a longstanding issue: I couldn’t find a slider plugin that was easy to use and was fast to load/performance aware. With those two […]

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Updates All Around for Christmas!

Phew – I have been one busy dude this year (and especially the past few weeks)! On top of launching OptinMonster, I have been busy working on something super exciting that will compliment Soliloquy. 😉 In the meantime, I have just pushed out a slew of updates to Soliloquy and the Addons that should make […]

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Soliloquy Just Got Faster, Much Faster!

As if Soliloquy wasn’t already fast enough, I’ve just made another update to improve the rendering time of Soliloquy, and this time, it is going to be very noticeable. As you already know, Soliloquy is the fastest WordPress slider on the market. With that being said, Soliloquy could sometimes be blocked from showing just how […]

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