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Soliloquy v2 Upgrade Guide

by Thomas Griffin on April 4, 2014

As promised, I have written out an upgrade guide for you so that upgrading to Soliloquy v2 is easy. You should follow each step in this guide when upgrading to ensure that is goes smoothly.


I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to backup your website before upgrading. Although I do not believe anything catastrophic will happen, it is always best practice to backup your site before doing any upgrade of any kind, and upgrading Soliloquy is no different. You can use a tool like BackupBuddy or WP Migrate DB Pro to take a snapshot of your site before upgrading. This way if something bad happens and you need to revert, you have an easy way to do it.

Absolutely make sure you do this before upgrading!

Step #2: Upgrade the Main Soliloquy Plugin and the Addons at One Time

You will see updates for Soliloquy v2.1.0 and all of the addons at v2.1.0 as well. I encourage you to update them all at one time. You can do this through your WordPress Updates page.

Step #3: Ensure Soliloquy is Active

There have been some slug changes in Soliloquy (especially for those using the pre-official release of v2). Once you have updated Soliloquy, go back and make sure that the plugin is active. If not, activate it.

Step #4: Upgrade Your Sliders

Once upgraded and (if necessary) reactivated, you will see a notice that you need to upgrade your sliders. You will also see a link saying you need to enter your license – ignore this, it will be ported when doing the upgrade of your sliders. Click on the link in that upgrade notice, and then click on the blue button on the screen to update the sliders. This will update all of your sliders on your site, and this will port over your license key as well. After you have done this, you will need to hit “Verify Key” in your license area to re-verify the key and ensure it is up to date with v2.

Step #4: Help! My Sliders Aren’t Showing Up!

Soliloquy v2 uses some very fast and precise caching to make your sliders load as fast as possible, both on the server and client side. If your slider is not showing up, it is likely because of a cache issue. Simply go to your slider, click Update and then check back to see if the slider is back online. Updating the slider refreshes and clears out the cache and should remove any inconsistencies from the update.

Step #6: Report Any and All Bugs!

We have tested this a bunch to make sure the process is as smooth as possible, but I know there will be bugs here and there. Please make sure that you let us know about them in detail so that we can address them in updates!

Thanks again for being on this journey with us, and we really look forward to seeing all of the awesome things you will do with Soliloquy v2!