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How to Create a Slider Widget

Would you like to add a slider to any widget area on your site? Soliloquy sliders can be added to any widgetized section of your site using the Soliloquy widget. This tutorial will show you how to set this up.


Step 1 – Navigate to the Widgets Screen

From the WordPress dashboard, hover over the Appearance menu item in the left sidebar menu, then click the Widgets sub-menu item.

To configure your Envira Gallery widget you'll need to navigate to the Widgets screen in the WordPress admin.

Step 2 – Add Your Soliloquy Widget

Locate your Soliloquy Widget in your Widget Menu from the available widgets on the left and select where you want the widget located.

Click Add Widget as shown below.

Select the Envira Gallery widget to choose which widgetized section of your site to add it to.

Step 3 – Save Your Soliloquy Widget

Give your widget a title, select your slider and then click Save to save the widget in place.

Save your Soliloquy widget

And that’s it! You can now use widgets to add your slider to your pages. Would you like to change the view of your slider images when editing your slide? Take a look at our article on How to Sort Slides by Grid or List View.


Q: Why isn’t my slider showing?

A: If you have a slider on the page and you’re trying to use the same slider in a widget, the slider won’t duplicate. Each slider on the page must be unique and have a unique ID.