Soliloquy Documentation

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Congratulations on purchasing Soliloquy! To get started, follow our installation guide to get Soliloquy installed on your WordPress site today.

Step 1 – Download Soliloquy

To begin, log into your Soliloquy account, navigate to the Downloads tab and select the Download link for the main Soliloquy plugin.

You can download the main Soliloquy plugin from your Soliloquy account's Downloads tab view.

You don’t need to download any Addons at this time; you can install your Addons from the WordPress admin later.

You’ll notice the Soliloquy plugin will be downloaded as a .zip file to your computer.

The Soliloquy plugin will appear as a .zip file on your computer.

NOTE: Some web browsers are configured to unzip files automatically when downloaded. If Soliloquy appears as a folder in your downloads directory on your computer, please re-zip/compress the file. If you’re not sure how to do this, see this guide:

Step 2 – Install the Soliloquy Plugin

Next, navigate to the WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New screen and select the Install Plugin button:

You can install Soliloquy through the WordPress admin's Install Plugin screen.

On the next screen you’ll be able to choose the file you downloaded in the first step and install it by selecting the Install Now button.

Once you've chosen the file to upload to your site select the Install Now button to install the plugin.

Step 3 – Activate and Verify Your License Key

Once you’ve successfully installed Soliloquy, activate the plugin from the Plugins screen in the WordPress admin. The last step is to verify your license key to receive automatic plugin updates and easily install Addons through the WordPress admin.

Return to your Soliloquy account and copy your license key; this is displayed in both the Downloads and Overview tabs.

Copy your license key from the Downloads or Overview tabs.

Once you’ve copied your license key, return to the WordPress admin and navigate to the Soliloquy > Settings page. Paste your license key into the provided field and select the Verify Key button.

To finish verifying your license key paste it into the provided field in the Settings page and select the Verify Key button.

That’s it, you’ve finished installing the Soliloquy plugin on your WordPress site and are ready to start creating beautiful, responsive WordPress sliders with ease!