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How to Activate Addons

You’ve just purchased a Soliloquy license that grants you either basic or advanced add-ons. ┬áIf you’re not sure what to do after installing Soliloquy and verifying the Soliloquy license key, this tutorial will walk you through the next steps.

  1. Addons Menu Item
  2. Install Addon
  3. Activate Addon
  4. Deactivate Addon (optional)
  5. FAQs

Step 1- Addons Menu Item

First, you’ll need to log in to your WordPress site.

From the WordPress menu on the left, select Soliloquy » Addons.

Step 2- Install Addon

From the Addons screen, select the Install button for the addons you want to install.

Go to the Soliloquy Addons page to install your Soliloquy Addons

Note: The addons available with your specific license will appear available to install on this screen. If you’re looking for a specific addon that isn’t available, check that you have the required license for that addon.

Step 3- Activate Addon

Once your addons are installed, the button text will change to Activate. Click this to activate the Soliloquy addons on your site.

Click the Activate button to activate the Soliloquy addons

Step 4- Deactivate Addon (optional)

If you want to deactivate any addon, you can do so from the same screen by selecting the Deactivate button for the specific addon.

Click the deactivate button if you want to deactivate the addon

Congratulations, you’ve finished installing and activating your addon(s)!

Now that you’ve installed your addon(s), learn how to use and configure your Addons. And if you have already, learn more about creating your first slider.


Q: How do I update my Addons?

A: You can navigate to the WordPress Admin » Plugins screen and update any installed Addons from the Plugins overview screen just like any other plugin you’ve installed on your site.