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Creative Ideas for Soliloquy’s CSS Addon

Do you want to add some CSS styling to a Soliloquy slider? While Soliloquy’s simple tick boxes and settings are suitable for most things, you might want to do some extra tweaking. While you can edit all your sliders globally with your theme’s style.css file, the CSS addon allows you to tweak individual sliders! The […]

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How to Configure Soliloquy Addons

Soliloquy comes with a variety of useful slider addons you can use to spice up your carousels. Do you want to know how to configure them? From dynamic and Instagram sliders to thumbnails and lightboxes, there’s a lot to take in. If you find yourself confused by all the checkboxes, this guide will walk you through […]

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How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Image Slider

Do you want to customize the look and feel of your image sliders? Sometimes you may want to add custom CSS to style your image sliders. In this article, we will share how to add custom CSS to your WordPress image slider. Many WordPress image sliders don’t support custom styling, so you’ll need to edit […]

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