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How to add custom CSS to the WordPress Customizer

WordPress Customizer is a tool you can use for many things including adding custom CSS that would be applied to all of your Soliloquy Slider images is simple and easy to do. This tutorial will walk you through the steps on how to add CSS using the WordPress Customizer.

Adding CSS to WordPress Customizer

In order to use the WordPress Additional CSS tool go to Appearance » Customize » Additional CSS is a place for you to just copy and paste any custom CSS you want your site to use.

Simply add the CSS here and click the Publish button to save the changes.

Use the WordPress Customizer to add Additional CSS

You can read more about this on

Check out some of our styling docs for using CSS to style Soliloquy Slider images.


Why has my CSS disappeared?

A: To ensure you don’t lose your CSS, be sure to keep a local copy of this CSS or just reactivate the old theme to copy the CSS previously used.