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What Are Unattached Images in WordPress?

Do you want to find all your unused media in WordPress? Are you wondering about what “unattached images” means? Many websites have a number of photos that are not used in pages or posts. In this guide, we will share what are unattached images in WordPress. In WordPress, if you remove a page or post, […]

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Where Does WordPress Upload Images To?

Are you thinking to find out where images are stored in WordPress? Sometimes you need to organize your photos, so you may want to know the directories and folders that save your uploaded images. In this guide, we will share where does WordPress upload images to. Uploading Images in WordPress To upload images in WordPress, […]

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How to Automatically Add Titles to Images in WordPress

Are you looking for a plugin to add titles to your images? You may know that the correct image titles are important for your site’s rankings. In this tutorial, we will share how to automatically add titles to images in WordPress. Having the brief and precise image titles will help your WordPress SEO, since the […]

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How to Replace Your Images and Media Files in WordPress

Are you wanting to replace media files and images on your site with new versions? You may know that uploading the same image again having the same filename doesn’t seem to have any effect – the image still looks like the original. It happens due to the WordPress image cache. In this tutorial, we will […]

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How to Fix Flipped or Upside Down Images in WordPress

Do you want to fix the common image issues on your site? Sometimes when you upload photos in WordPress, they appear sideways or rotated. In this tutorial, we will share how to fix flipped or upside down images in WordPress. Since a lot of our users shared that they are facing WordPress image rotation issues, […]

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