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Hey folks! It has been a while since I last posted, so I just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s happening over in the Soliloquy department.

I’ve been busy at work launching OptinMonster, and now that it is off the ground, I’ve got lots of updates coming to Soliloquy and the Addons. You’ll notice that I have already pushed out updates for the Instagram and Featured Content Addons, and I am now working on updates for all of the other addons as well.

The next update will come to the Crop Addon. I am moving to a 100% WP-based crop solution that should be much better and more consistent moving forward, and it will allow me to do some cool things with the Thumbnails Addon.

The Thumbnails Addon is about to receive the biggest update that coincides with the Crop Addon. With this update, if you have the Crop Addon active, you can set the width and height for your thumbnails and they will be cropped. I will also be providing support for you to add video thumbnail images as well so that thumbnails work with video sliders.

The Lightbox Addon is getting an update that will allow you to check a box and automatically link all of your images in the slider to themselves so that they can be displayed in the lightbox without you needing to check each individual image. Responsive updates are coming as well.
Woot, this has been done! The Lightbox Addon is now responsive!!! You can also check a setting to autolink the images to the lightbox so that you don’t have to do it to each individual image. Ballin’. 🙂

And finally, the Captions Addon is underway. I’m working with this and the Themes Addon to bring more themes and make captions super easy to edit and manage without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

You will also notice an update to Soliloquy that provides some very good speed improvements, too (as if it wasn’t already fast enough!).

Phew, that was a lot, but I am excited. Expect to see all of this rolling out in the next week or so! 🙂

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  • jskintauy

    Hi Guys,

    I was prepared to purchase this for a site until I realized you need to purchase the much more expensive $100 developer license to get the addons. It’s too much and I decided to look for a free slider and modify as needed. I can do that quickly, so no need. All licenses should be complete. I will consider this if I need a slider for clients, but most can get by with free sliders. I need multiple sliders (easily) and video support, hence the need for something a little more powerful. Please bundle the add-ons on all versions or drop the pretense of a fully functional single user license.

    • griffinjt

      The single site license is fully functional to be sure. I did this on purpose because it keeps the main plugin slim and fast and adds value for those who want to use the addons to have their slider do other things that other people might not want them to do. In this way, Soliloquy is modular so that speed can always be put at the forefront.

  • Alexis Villegas

    Unfortunately the Lightbox add-on is not working as expected in smaller screens when displaying video from YouTube. It was fine before, but now the video loads very small in the top left corner while the rest of the Lightbox frame takes over the width of the screen (See attached screenshot). Is there a fix for this? I’m very disappointed and hope a fix is on the way. Thank you.

    • griffinjt

      I am working on a fix for this now and will have it pushed out soon. Can you put in a support inquiry with the site in question so I can help debug?

  • Kristin Carlson

    We are having a glitch with the first slide when using the video slider; if you press play, it continues its animation onward to the second slide instead of staying on the video you are playing. So, it only plays a few seconds and then cuts off/onward to the next slide. The problem only seems to happen with the first slide as a video; the rest of the slides will stay on the proper slide through an entire playback. We have tried various videos from various sources and still have the same problem (YouTube and Vimeo both). Tried changing the various settings as well and still get this problem (ie add dynamic navigation, pause on hover, etc.) Please advise.

    • griffinjt

      Can you submit a support request so I can look into this further?

  • Kristin Carlson

    Sure, how do I do that? We submitted one about 2 weeks ago but must not have done it properly as we never heard back.

    • griffinjt

      Sure – just use the contact form on the Contact page and put your license key somewhere in the message body and I will follow up.

      • Kristin Carlson

        Thank you- I just submitted via the Contact page with license key. The only choice was “Pre-Sales Inquiry” and this is a Post-Sales problem… please let me know if you got it this time. Thanks.

  • Luis Ojeda

    Hey , I bought a license in order to develop a slider with thumbnails , but my client wants to add video as well. Videos can be seen without problems , but thumbnails. The thumbnails appear as blank. Could you please give a hint for that? Thanks, Luis