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PDF Addon

Soliloquy makes it easy to create PDF sliders with the PDF Addon. Follow our guide to learn how to create a PDF slideshow using Soliloquy today!

This Addon is available with a Developer, Agency or Master license.

In this guide we’ll cover the following steps to create a slideshow with pdf files:

  1. Installation
  2. Make a PDF Slideshow
  3. PDF Slider FAQs


You will first need to install and activate the PDF Addon.

Make a PDF Slideshow

Once you’ve installed and activated the PDF Addon, you’re ready to create a PDF slider!

Step 1 – Create or Edit a Slider

Now that the PDF Addon is installed and activated, create a new slider or select an existing one to edit. In this guide, we’ll create a new slider by selecting the Add New button from the Soliloquy overview screen.

Select the Add New button in the Soliloquy overview screen to create a new slider.

Step 2 – Convert PDF Files to Slides

Give your new slider a Title, then click the Select Files from Other Sources button to begin converting PDF files to slides.

Choose the 'Select Files From Other Sources' button to add PDF files to your slider.

A lightbox will popup on the screen, where you will choose Insert PDF from the menu on the left hand side.

Choose the Insert PDF option from the left hand menu.

Now you can choose to either Upload new PDF files to convert, or select existing PDF files from the Media Library to convert into a slideshow.

You can either upload PDF files, or choose from existing PDF files already uploaded to the Media Library to convert to slides in Soliloquy.

In this guide we’ve already uploaded several PDF files to our Media Library and will proceed to select one PDF file to convert into a slideshow.

From the Media Library files, choose the PDF files you want to convert to a slideshow.

Once you’ve selected the PDF file you want to convert, click the Insert into Slider button.

Select the Insert Into Slider button to begin converting the selected PDF files into slides.

The lightbox will close and the slider edit screen will display a notice indicating Soliloquy has started converting the PDF file into slides.

Once you insert the PDF Files into your slider, Soliloquy will display a message indicating the slides are being converted.

While Soliloquy is converting the PDF into slides, you’re free to continue doing other work in the admin of your site. When completed, Soliloquy will notify you. Depending on the size of the PDF file(s) being converted, this process can take a while.

Step 3 – Embed Slider

Once Soliloquy has finished converting the PDF file into slides, a new message will appear briefly to notify you.

Soliloquy will notify you when the PDF convert to slide process has completed.

You’ll find the newly generated slides appear in the Slider tab of the edit screen, and at this point, you can Publish your new PDF Slider.

All of the PDF slides will appear within the Slider tab when editing your gallery once they've been converted.

The final step is to embed the PDF slideshow you created in Soliloquy on a page or post of your site. In this guide I’ve created a new page titled “My PDF Slider” and added the shortcode for the slider we’ve created.

Embed your new PDF Slideshow into a page or post using the provided shortcode.

Publish the page or post, then view it to see your PDF Slideshow in action!

View the newly created page or post to see your PDF Slideshow in action!

A big, beautiful PDF Slideshow created using Soliloquy and the PDF Addon!

That’s it, you’ve successfully created a PDF Slideshow using Soliloquy to automatically convert PDF files into slides!

PDF Slider FAQs

Q: What is the max filesize I can upload to convert PDF’s to a slider?

A: Soliloquy doesn’t limit you to any specific filesize. The filesize you can upload will depend upon your specific server configuration. If you’re experiencing time out issues or file upload problems you’ll want to consider increasing the max_execution_time and max_upload_size settings for your server.

Q: Can I convert multiple PDF files at one time in a single slider?

A: Yes! You can select multiple PDF files to be converted within the same slider. If you need to rearrange the generated slides once the conversion process is complete you can simply drag and drop the slides into the order you desire within the Slider tab.

Q: Why isn’t the PDF Addon working on my localhost installation?

A: Our PDF Addon will not work on localhost WordPress installations. You’ll need to push your site to a remote server to use the PDF Addon.



  • Fix: Various minor bugs


  • Initial release of the addon!