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How to Create WordPress Carousel Slider with Soliloquy

Do you want to create a carousel slider that shows many images at once? From showcasing sponsors to displaying product lines, a WordPress carousel slider offers a clean, professional presentation. With the Soliloquy WordPress plugin, you can create a Carousel Slider quickly by using the Carousel Addon, available to those with a Developer’s License or higher. […]

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How to Create a WordPress Slider With Multiple Images

Do you want to create a WordPress slider with multiple images? There are many types of image sliders that you can create with multiple images using the Soliloquy plugin for WordPress. In this article, we will share how to create a WordPress slider with multiple images. Some WordPress themes come with an image slider included. […]

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What are Carousel Sliders?

If you’ve been reading about Soliloquy or browsing the blog, you might have asked yourself this question: What are carousel sliders? What’s the difference between a slider and a carousel? And when should you use the Carousel Addon instead of just making a normal slider? Let’s answer these questions so you can create the slider […]

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How to Configure Soliloquy Addons

Soliloquy comes with a variety of useful slider addons you can use to spice up your carousels. Do you want to know how to configure them? From dynamic and Instagram sliders to thumbnails and lightboxes, there’s a lot to take in. If you find yourself confused by all the checkboxes, this guide will walk you through […]

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When to Use a Slider in WordPress (And When to Skip It)

More and more frequently, carousels are becoming the main attraction on homepages. These simple tools can solve many problems: you can maximize your space when you need to get a lot of points across, direct people to your featured content, and even make a boring, static website a bit more animated. But too often, people […]

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How to Create a Responsive Carousel Slider in WordPress

Do you want to add a carousel slider on your WordPress site? You may know that carousels are a beautiful way to display multiple photos in a queue. In this tutorial, we will share how to create a responsive carousel slider in WordPress. By default you can’t create a carousel slider in WordPress. You need […]

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