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How to Manually Update WordPress Plugins via FTP

By default, WordPress comes with a fabulous plugin updater right on the admin dashboard. It tells you when something is out of date, as well as handling the updates and installation for you. This applies to plugins, themes, and even WordPress itself! Usually, this functionality works perfectly and you won’t need to do anything but […]

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How to Choose a Soliloquy Plan

So you’ve made the choice to switch to Soliloquy, or are thinking about trying it, but aren’t sure which plan to choose. No problem! With so many features and big differences between plans, it can be difficult to make that decision. If you’re not quite sure which Soliloquy plan to pick, this article will clearly […]

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Useful Soliloquy Customization Options

Many WordPress sliders are simple and difficult to customize. Many of them come bundled in a theme, and you may be able to add slides or change the speed, but there’s no way to customize them further without essentially coding your own carousel plugin. In addition, some of these sliders are not responsive or the […]

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When to Use a Slider in WordPress (And When to Skip It)

More and more frequently, carousels are becoming the main attraction on homepages. These simple tools can solve many problems: you can maximize your space when you need to get a lot of points across, direct people to your featured content, and even make a boring, static website a bit more animated. But too often, people […]

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