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2-Day SALE + Soliloquy 1.5.0 Rocks the New WordPress Media Manager

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Woohoo – a 2 for 1 today! Get 20% off Soliloquy today and tomorrow only using the code 2DAYSALE and check out some of the new features coming in Soliloquy 1.5.0.

That’s right – today you get a 2 for 1 bunch of awesome with Soliloquy. First, you get 20% off your entire order (and that includes upgrades, too!) using the code 2DAYSALE. But hurry – this sale only lasts through Monday, so make sure to take advantage of the discount while you can.

Second (and even more awesome than the first) is that you get to see a preview of the new and refined media workflow for Soliloquy in 1.5.0. It is the beginning of something awesome, so I decided to make a quick video walkthrough about the new features for you. Take a look (make sure to click the HD icon to get the best viewing experience) and then get to purchasing and/or upgrading!

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  • Will the new media manager workflow give us access to the size selector in the Attachment Display settings? That would be totally awesome! I already have a custom image size set up for my sliders, and it would be super cool to upload an image of a larger size and then just select the proper size from that selector.