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How to Create WordPress Carousel Slider with Soliloquy

Do you want to create a carousel slider that shows many images at once? From showcasing sponsors to displaying product lines, a WordPress carousel slider offers a clean, professional presentation. With the Soliloquy WordPress plugin, you can create a Carousel Slider quickly by using the Carousel Addon, available to those with a Developer’s License or higher. […]

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9 Creative Ways to Use Text-Only Carousels

Sliders make a great addition to any website. Most commonly you’ll see them used with illustrations or photos, but you can actually make text sliders! These nifty little carousels have a variety of uses, from displaying customer testimonials to telling a short story. If you need some fresh ideas for text-based sliders, you’ve come to […]

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When to Use a Slider in WordPress (And When to Skip It)

More and more frequently, carousels are becoming the main attraction on homepages. These simple tools can solve many problems: you can maximize your space when you need to get a lot of points across, direct people to your featured content, and even make a boring, static website a bit more animated. But too often, people […]

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How to Create a Text Only Carousel Slider in WordPress

Do you want to add a WordPress text only carousel slider on your site? Text carousels are used to display quotes, customer testimonials and other content beautifully. In this tutorial, we will share how to create a text only carousel slider in WordPress. You may know that there’s no default option to create an image […]

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How to Display Products in Columns in a WordPress Slider

Are you creating an online shop with multiple products? Do you want to display them beautifully in a column slider? Sometimes you may need a different style to show your products online. In this tutorial, we will share how to display products in columns in a WordPress slider. Having an online store to sell products […]

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How to Create a WordPress Slider With Columns

Do you want to create an image slider with two or multiple columns? Sometimes you may don’t have images with large widths, so you can add a column slider on your website. In this tutorial, we will share how to create a WordPress slider with columns. By default, you can’t create an image slider in […]

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