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How to Create an Instagram WordPress Slider by using Soliloquy

Do you want to create a slider that pulls images from your Instagram account? The photos you create on Instagram can be amazing images to use for your slider in WordPress. With Soliloquy’s Instagram addon, you can create an Instagram WordPress slider in under five minutes! If you have a Multi license or higher, you can […]

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How to Create WordPress Carousel Slider with Soliloquy

Want to create a carousel slider that shows many images at once? From showcasing sponsors to displaying product lines, a WordPress carousel slider offers a clean, professional presentation. With the Soliloquy WordPress plugin, you can create a Carousel Slider quickly by using the Carousel Addon, available to those with a Developer’s License or higher. A carousel slider is a unique type […]

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Create Dynamic Sliders for WordPress with Soliloquy

Are you ready to start creating dynamic sliders? With the release of the Dynamic Addon, it is now easier than ever to create dynamic slider for WordPress using Soliloquy. If you are wanting to create an awesome WordPress slider fast, you can couple Soliloquy with the Dynamic Addon to create sliders in seconds. Literally – […]

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How to Create a Fullwidth Image Slider in WordPress

Do you want to add an image slider from edge to edge on your screen? Sometimes the WordPress theme has fullwidth pages, and it’s better to create sliders accordingly. In this tutorial, we will share how to create a fullwidth image slider in WordPress. By default, you can’t add a fullwidth image slider on your […]

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How to Create a WordPress Slider With Text Navigation

Are you thinking about customizing your slider navigation to make it stylish? Sometimes you may need to edit the normal image slider and add custom buttons for the next and previous slides. In this tutorial, we will share how to create a WordPress slider with text navigation. Since WordPress doesn’t have any default option to […]

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How to Create an Event Slider in WordPress

Do you want to create an image slider for your upcoming events? Sometimes you have multiple events scheduled that you need to highlight to your visitors using the image slider. In this tutorial, we will share how to create an event slider in WordPress. The default WordPress image slider doesn’t allow you to create an […]

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