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11 Lively, Colorful Sliders

by [email protected] on November 1, 2018

Want to see some of the prettiest, brightest, and most eye-grabbing sliders on the internet? Depending on the type of site you run, you may want to consider adding a colorful slider to your website! Here’s a few examples.

  • Your website has a lively, upbeat theme.
  • You run a website for children, toys, etc.
  • You want to draw attention to the slider banner (such as if you run an e-commerce site and are advertising a sale).
  • Or you just want to add some extra color to your site!

If you want to bring some pep into your website with a colorful carousel, take a look at these beauties for some inspiration! You won’t be disappointed with these fun sliders.


Supremo's slider, with various drinks around a laptop computer

If your website is white, a few touches of color might be all it takes to wow your visitors. Add in a few animations and you’ll have a colorful slider that’ll look amazing!

DC Shoes

DC Shoes' slider, using dark colors with splashes of bright color

Sometimes all it takes is a splash of color to create a truly great slider. The purple accents pop against the darker background and dramatically lit photos. And the background video certainly makes this page seem lively.


Gutta's slider, with bright colors and smiling faces

Gutta’s slider is the embodiment of liveliness. Besides the bright colors, this auto-rotating carousel features smiley faces, grinning people, and big text. Nothing grabs the eye more than cheerful faces and a bold design.


Wisers' bright green full-screen slider, with cartoon people working at a machine

Wisers plunges you right into the fullscreen slider. Bright blues and greens mixed with energetic animations instantly pull you in and give you some information on what the website is all about.

Cuba Vodka

Cuba Vodka's double slider, featuring bright colors and images of their drinks

The dual-scrollbar design is already pretty interesting, but the vertical slider/scrollbar on the left side just spices it up. Click one of the bullets to slide down to each product and learn a little more about them. The tropical background colors are different for each one!

The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow's colorful slider, showing images of people enjoying snacks made with their products

This slider manages to draw attention while still sticking with the website’s color palette. With the white background, the blues in this slider mesh well with the similarly-colored highlights on the rest of the page. A fun serif header font combined with enthusiastic text snippets just wraps it up.


Emergence's portfolio slider, featuring illustrations of several people on colorful backgrounds

The portfolio page on this website includes a simple but colorful slider. Each beautifully illustrated picture has a different color; hovering over the portraits delivers a small animation. This is a good way to add some interesting colors and effects to your site without going over-the-top.

Fini Sweets

Fini Sweet's colorful slider, spelling the word 'Kollisions' in different pieces of candy

You would expect a candy maker to have a bright and colorful website, and Fini Sweets delivers. The fullscreen slider is filled to the brim with bright colors, bouncy animations, and videos that are fun to watch. This slider will get you clicking through just to see what comes next.


Copper's slider area, showing a picture and testimonial from a customer

Flat colors are a great way to create a noticeable area on a webpage. This slider’s main color, purple, is the secondary color of the website — so it looks perfectly natural here. However, two other bright colors, green and turquoise, are great for setting this area apart.


Toggl's slider, with a pale but colorful background to its text

You wouldn’t think there’d be much to a client testimonial slider, but Toggl pulls it off beautifully. Click through the clients to see a quick thought bubble animation. The little bits of color on the pale but cheerful background texture come together to make a simple but effective carousel.


Botot's slider showing off its products, which uses just a touch of color with this bright red bottle

While this slider is mostly made up of black-and-white sketches, the last slide manages to surprise you with a shiny, colorful rotating photo! Surprising your visitors is a great way to craft a memorable slider.

Add Some Fun to Your Website

A colorful slider can make a really great addition to an upbeat website. If you liked these examples, you should definitely consider including a slider on your site. It might be just what you need to add some extra pizzazz or attract visitors’ eyes to your promotions.

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