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8 Business Websites Using Sliders

by [email protected] on October 4, 2018

Do you want to create a business website with a slider? Sometimes what your site needs is an elegant carousel that gets the point across fast. Especially for businesses, it’s important to hook visitors immediately and let them know what you want them to do on your website. What better way to do that than with a stylish, compact slider? Here’s what they can do for your business website!

  • Present important information to visitors in a small space
  • Elegantly display call to actions and direct users around your site
  • Create beautiful promotions and advertisements that can’t be ignored

If you’re not convinced, check out some of these great business websites that make use of amazing sliders!

Infini Inc.

The Infini Inc. slider, featuring bold text and a contrasting dark and light color scheme

This autoscrolling slider uses bold text and fluid animations to catch your eye. As each panel scrolls by, you’ll just have to stop and watch it go. Clicking one of the panels seamlessly opens the product page, and clicking back fluidly closes it again.

Bold Cycles Ltd.

Bold Cycles Ltd. large homepage slider with almost full-screen image sizes

The tilted angle and strip of action-packed photography really suit this slider’s bold theme well. Big, sans-serif text, large bullet controls, and a prominent call to action tell you that this slider means business. The animation that slowly zooms in and out subtly draws visitors to click the links.


O&3's slider, using smaller image to showcase each of their products

Rather than a slider right at the top of the page, O&3 uses one later on to advertise their products. Scrolling through the images lets you see each one. There are helpful context clues everywhere, from the “View” text telling you that the image can be clicked to all the navigational prompts.

van Cutsem

van Cutsem's large, animated slider, with simple arrow navigation and animated transitions

Each animation in this distinct slider grabs your attention, as the slides zoom out, move into frame, and zoom in again. The timer at the bottom gives you a clear indication of how long each panel lasts. Rather than for product promotion, this slider is used to explain what the company is all about and motivate you to explore the website further.


umdahs's homepage slider, using large images and unique navigation bars

Umdasch uses a modern slider theme with bars rather than bullets, a dark background, and other small contemporary touches. This isn’t just an image slider either; click the video or 360° panels and the site will pop into a lightbox! Here you can watch the video in near-fullscreen or even navigate a 3D space!

Hamerville Media

Hammerville Media's simple and effective minimalist slider, with a white color scheme and simple, clean transitions

Hamerville Media’s slider uses consistency to great effect. As each slide moves, the background remains the same. When you hover an image, it zooms in, letting you know that you can click it to see more. It may be simple, but this slider is perfectly executed.

The Soviet Taxi

The Soviet Taxi's full-page homepage slider, featuring a bold blue color scheme and unique image transitions

The highlight of this slider is the bouncy animations and fun hover effect. The subtle static, striking art and photography styles and cheerful background music make this slider extra unique and eye-grabbing. You can’t not click through it and look at every slide.

De Hooch

De Hooch's large image slider that shows you images of their apartments using simple and elegantly presented bullet and arrow navigation

This big slider uses elegant fade animations and extra-large images to show you around the apartments. No words necessary — the images speak for themselves! This isn’t quite a fullscreen carousel, but it’s large enough to become the centerpiece of the screen.

Sliders for Businesses

Business websites can seriously benefit from the inclusion of a slider. If you’re having trouble making space on a cluttered homepage, need a direct and obvious place for a call to action, or want an eye-grabbing tool for your promotions, a slider might just work for your site. As these websites demonstrated, sliders are both beautiful and functional additions to a business site!

You might enjoy these other website showcases! Give them a look, and if any catch your eye, consider using Soliloquy sliders to add one to your business site!

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